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The Ballad For GINA (MSRG01)

by Sondi!

10.00 / On Sale

"Well other than GINA being an acronym, The Ballad for GINA is literally a ballad for the girl that broke my heart. Each song tells like an act of our relationship up until the final scene. I know she'll probably never listen to this, but it's good to get it off my chest."

"My style is definitely New Jack Swing influenced. I love the euphoric 90's and y2k vibes that we don't really get out of music today. Deep Bass, hard to catch samples, smooth percussion, and NES noises are the basis of my songs. Before my music was just made purely to party, but lately I've been feeling in such a lovey dovey mood. I want to make more love song. I want to bring the fun and dance back into love music."


1. Let's be Lovers
2. Over You
3. virGINA
4. Everything mean Nothing (feat. Dream Entact)
5. Tho! (Bonus Track)

Recorded and printed in 2014 by Midnight Side Records as MSR G01